Virtual Reality Application Engineer

at GM
Published September 29, 2022
Location Warren, MI
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Job Type Full-time  


General Motors (GM) is seeking a Virtual Reality Engineer with strong visualization skills and problem solving skills. As part of the Vehicle Systems team, you will utilize the latest immersive hardware and software to develop VR based tools that analyze and provide insight into vehicle and manufacturing process design problems. You will work with a small team to run VR reviews, identify problems, and then experiment, iterate, and refine your solutions concept until a viable tool is developed. The ability to identify problems, run efficient meetings, develop VR applications, learn manufacturing and product design concepts, and adapt quickly in a fast paced, competitive industry is an essential element of this role. You will also be involved in 'pilot' activities with internal and external suppliers, to implement and scale successful solutions related to Immersive Technologies.

Key talents for this role include Adaptability, Organization, Communication, Strategic Thinking, Focus, and a Passion for Excellence.

You will be working in a fast paced environment, leading Virtual Reality reviews for cross functional teams, and acting as the voice of the team to software and hardware developers. You will be the technical expert for running the software and hardware, and for trouble shooting and fixing system failures as they happen, sometimes in high stress situations, like during reviews, or while others are reviewing your work during demonstrations.

You will need to have a passion for working with virtual reality including combining various HMDs, computers, tracking systems and software packages to deliver an engaging virtual experience. You will have to work strategically to select the best alternatives for each of these subsystems and work tactically to resolve compatibility issues and create a working solution. Creative thinking, stamina for developing solutions, and personal drive for success are required traits for this role. You must enjoy working as a Team while also taking accountability to persevere through complex problems and deliver results. Due to the innovative nature of this work, you will need to anticipate setbacks, apply learnings, execute development project deliverables on time, inform stakeholders and leadership on project status, and have a relentless desire to win while doing it with integrity.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Be the Technical Expert on the VR tolls, including software, hardware, and their integration.
  • Leverage your solutions to assist Manufacturing Engineering and Product Development to achieve faster and higher quality development cycles
  • Create Virtual solutions that replace current practices that use physical properties
  • Collaborate with the Vehicle Systems Manufacturing Engineering team to understand their future strategies, requirements, and use-cases
  • Analyze data from existing processes, identify priority problems, and develop solution alternatives
  • Create, maintain, and deliver technical training for the use of these tools as the applications are deployed globally
  • Utilize Practical Problem solving principles to test and gather feedback on your solution enabling data-driven decision making
  • Utilize project management skills to clearly articulate the problem you are trying to solve, organize the basic tasks needed to complete the project and anticipate/escalate issues before they become a major problem
  • Demonstrate your solution quantifying its benefit, cost and effectiveness
  • Investigate future hardware and software to ensure the Immersive tools remain useful
  • Investigate and recommend potential off the shelf solutions that make a strong business case in lieu of internal development
  • Pursue additional training to learn and apply the latest Immersive hardware and software packages