Senior Virtual Reality Engineer/Designer (Unity/Unreal)

Published July 26, 2022
Location New York, NY
Category Default  
Job Type Full-time  



The creative team at the new Brooklyn-based startup UNSHUT is looking for a Senior Virtual Reality Engineer/Designer to join us in launching our first interactive dark science fiction experience (think: starring in your own season of Black Mirror).

The ideal candidate has a passion for creative collaboration and brainstorming with a smart, team and deep entertainment experience from the technical side, including VR/immersive game design, light scripting and animation, and several years of hands-on Unity and/or Unreal Engine experience. Strong opinions are encouraged, as well as an excitement to join the ground floor of a startup that creates truly unconventional, unexpected work.

NOTE: Initially this position will be PART-TIME for 8-10 hours each week in exchange for a percentage of ownership in the company (equity) as we close our seed round. Then the position will convert to a salaried full-time role with benefits, or part-time contract role if desired.


  • Strong background in Unity development and designing/building video games and/or immersive entertainment from scratch
  • Deep experience with level design and player UX design
  • Object/character modeling and/or customization
  • A proven track record for taking projects all the way from conception through execution and publishing
  • A creative and resourceful team contributor who runs on collaborative energy—we want big ideas from this person for all the cool things we have planned
  • 360 video experience and is a huge bonus, much of our VR uses 4k and 8k stereoscopic video
  • Unreal Engine is also a bonus—we're looking to up the fidelity of our experiences in the future and want to grow into heavier technologies
  • Proactive self-management skills, strong organization, and excellent communication
  • Self-organization skills and proactive time management, with a strong work ethic


People of color, people with disabilities, veterans, and LGBTQ candidates are strongly encouraged to apply. UNSHUT is committed to an equitable and inclusive workplace and does not discriminate in its employment decisions. UNSHUT provides reasonable accommodations to applicants and employees as required by law.


Unbound by traditional storytelling, UNSHUT pulls you into a narrative in unexpected ways, bleeding into the real world until you begin to question your own reality.

The company’s first cross-platform experience—BLACK BOX—blends digital and physical touchpoints, theater, virtual reality, and game design to immerse people in a dark science fiction experience.